The center of our politics belongs to our people!

Draft of a RapplerX article regarding the Philippine election that I was supposed to publish but did not finish on time:

When asked about a pressing issue that concerned them, a small group of the indigenous Tagbanuas in Palawan lamented the continued lack of safe water source. It was a problem that they incessantly brought up to the government who, in turn, had consistently promised them immediate action. But three or four terms passed, with the same people being elected in office, without these promises being fulfilled.  These promises, they say, are only repackaged and renewed by politicians every election, and hurled back to them as a bullet point in a longer list of campaign agenda that they didn’t even know about fully.

For just a water pipe that will give their families one less thing to worry about, it had taken them years to lobby.  Much to their dismay, none of them were truly heard.

The indigenous peoples in the Philippines are one of the many marginalized sectors in the country that include among others the laborers and the rural poor.


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