Truth and Dare

I was supposed to enter a short story writing contest (on the theme of love) but I decided not to catch the deadline anymore.

Note that I changed the name of the character I originally used. Here’s the part I was able to write:

I think I’ve made a life-changing decision in a grocery and I actually have no idea how life-changing that decision might be. The moment I stepped out of the store, carrying a paper bag that has stuff I mostly don’t need, I knew I had to let go of my feelings for Lucia. But of course, it was easier thought of than done.

Lucy, how I learned to call her, was young, carefree, and smart and she had many meaningful years ahead of her. I was a little bit older, a little bit clueless, and a little bit adventurous without a little bit of a sense of direction – a little bit of everything that’s not her. And I’ve spent the past months figuring out how I could ever be close to her, knowing the fact that we were on the opposite poles and denying the common understanding that opposites do attract. She, in fact, had zero attraction for me. But…

Our story – or our non-story – started in a coffee shop they call the Truth Café. Nifty name, don’t you think?


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